GSA Schedule Contract product collage-wBCITOur test equipment includes Real-Time, Non-Intrusive Analyzers and Monitors used for developing, operating and maintaining complex applications for embedded computer systems.


The New BCIT from DragoonITCN combines two essential test functions for MIL-STD-1553 embedded systems into one easy to use tool. It is a bus health monitoring and test tool, and a Time Domain Relectometer tool, that can diagnose and locate cabling faults to within six inches.

CMDS Tester™

The CMDS Tester is a Firing Pulse Interval Test Set by DragoonITCN. It is a suite of test components designed to analyze firing pulse timing from a Countermeasures Dispensing System such as the ALE‑40 and ALE-47.

C-TAC® Plus

C-TAC Plus (Computer-Tester-Analyzer-Controller) is the key instrumentation in many of the most advanced embedded system development labs in the world. Channels are available for MIL-STD-1750, AYK-14, Z8001/8002, and many legacy processor designs used in Avionics and Military/Aerospace applications.