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C-TAC® Plus combines the two most successful DragoonITCN technologies, C-TAC® and SystemTrace®, to provide a high performance, next generation, embedded system analyzer and debugger tool. C-TAC Plus provides simultaneous, assembly-level, Real-Time Non-Intrusive (RTNI) monitoring of processor execution and memory access activity and a console interface for processor controls.

C-TAC Plus Base Unit

C-Tac Plus Base Unit

Key Features

  • Channel cross triggering
  • Time correlation of data from multiple channels
  • Interactive debugging ability
  • Common user interface
  • Graphical data analysis
  • High volume real-time data collection
  • Targeted processor
  • speed


  • Significant and affordable improvements in software quality
  • Correlates and traces data events across multiple processors and busses
  • Increases productivity in system integration
  • Cost savings in resolving software/integration problems
  • Online indicators of bus utilization and error rates
  • Shortens project schedules

C-TAC Plus consists of two major components:

  • Acquisition Board Set (EDAC-CP, PIM-CP)
  • LRU Interface (PAD-CP, TLS)

Systems are combined for simultaneous monitoring of multiple targets.

The Acquisition Board Set and LRU Interface components are customized to provide a turnkey solution for legacy system support. Customization for legacy systems typically includes changes to firmware and programmable logic, and do not normally require hardware modifications. Connection for the LRU under test may be made using custom circuit boards or cabling. This is also included with the C-TAC Plus system.