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SystemTrace is synchronized test instrumentation for analyzing and monitoring embedded systems. Current embedded systems are becoming increasingly more complex with multiple processors communicating over various media including backplanes, data buses and discrete signal lines. This complexity has generated a need for test tools that can provide visibility into how the embedded system operates from a “system-wide” perspective. This visibility is required to support initial system development as well as operation and maintenance of the system. The test tools also need to provide this visibility without introducing changes to the system’s operation. While there are many tools available for development and maintenance of the individual elements of the embedded system, there are few tools available to support the entire embedded system throughout the life cycle of the product. SystemTrace is designed to provide global visibility into embedded system operations by monitoring all key “data flow” components incorporated in the embedded system. This monitoring is accomplished using Real-Time Non-Intrusive (RTNI) techniques so that the act of monitoring does not affect the system operation. The data files collected at the key data flow points are “time-correlated” so that dependencies on actions among system elements can be observed and recorded in real-time for in-depth analysis. These time-correlated test files can then be used for multiple applications.

Key Features

  • Time-correlated, RTNI, scaleable, heterogeneous data collection
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple buses
  • Modular, distributed architecture
  • Long-term data
  • Aquisition storage

Key Benefits

  • A system-wide view of operations correlated-in-time aids analysis
  • RTNI monitoring does not affect system operation during measurements, thereby giving accurate results
  • Supports entire life-cycle of the instrumented embedded system, reducing instrumentation expense
  • Common interface for dissimilar targets saves time and training investment

system_trace STX-Modules-WEB Multiple MIL-STD-1553, VME and custom modules can be connected to the SystemTrace for simultaneous real-time monitoring, test and analysis.