Application Support

VME Embedded System AnalyzerDragoonITCN provides application support for customers using our products. These services include:

  • general engineering
  • test development
  • test analysis
  • product use
  • on-site support
  • training

Quick-turn Prototyping

DragoonITCN’s background in test system interfacing has led to the development of quick turnaround design services for hardware and software elements. DragoonITCN can provide design services from requirements development to prototype demonstration for hardware and software elements of electronic systems.

Our experience in schematic design, DSP/ FPGA programming, and both modern and legacy software development provide the core set of capabilities required to quickly design and build prototypes.

Custom Test and Support Systems (custom design)

Driven by customer requirements, DragoonITCN has tailored the product baseline to allow for faster and easier customized enhancements. The core technology of our products allows them to be adapted into new applications for custom electronic system interfaces, programs, monitors and data recorders.

Reverse Engineering

Developing avionics test systems has led to DragoonITCN’s vast experience in reverse engineering embedded systems. Often an interface is required for a system without complete design documentation. In these cases, DragoonITCN has performed reverse engineering of the system in order to determine the correct instrumentation interfaces. This experience is directly applicable to system design and component replacement.

Obsolescence Replacement

DragoonITCN can provide expert design and consultation services in obsolescence replacement. With vast experience in digital circuit design and logic development, DragoonITCN can analyze and / or design function equivalent solutions for obsolete items using modern programmable logic.

DragoonITCN product engineering services

In addition to our products for embedded systems testing and monitoring, DragoonITCN provides a wide range of engineering services to help support the product development efforts of our customers using VME, Z8001, Z8002, MIL-STD-1553, MIL-STD-1750, AYK-14, H009, and custom processors and buses.

All of our engineering projects are adhere to strict quality control and ISO 9001:2008 standards. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and support the test equipment that we design and program.
systemtrace quality testing

System Engineering

  • Requirements elicitation/ analysis
  • System specifications
  • Vendor selection and trade studies
  • Operational test
  • System test

Electronics Design

  • Circuit partitioning and design
  • Prototyping
  • Parts selection & procurement
  • Circuit board layout
  • Board fabrication and test

Software Design

  • 00 and structured design
  • Windows drivers
  • Languages: C, C++, Various Assemblers & Python

C-TAC Plus Console with Memory Loader/Verifier (MLV)

Memory LoaderThe Memory Loader/Verifier is a platform for interfacing with legacy avionics processors and may be used for memory programming and control. C-TAC Plus is used in development of many avionics systems worldwide.