Workstation, Airborne

Workstation, Airborne

DragoonITCN offers turn-key commercial solutions, with options for capturing an aerial perspective for any task, mission or target

DragoonITCN is a small business service-based engineering company which provides advanced systems integration and installation for airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms. We are experts in Integrated Mission Systems with cradle to grave services. We specialize in engineering analyses, operator and maintenance training, and software development for manned airborne sensors.

Headquartered in Dayton, OH, the 20-year-old company’s proven record of on-time; budget-based service delivery for the Department of Defense and other governmental agencies has been made possible through its focus on close user collaboration, hands-on sensor and data dissemination expertise coupled with leverage of its partnerships with other talented firms for maximum flexibility and rapid response.

As a small business our target is to provide technical support with the least amount of cost while providing high quality thru a competent staffing pool. We focus on cost realism by proven practices we structure in providing support and technical services for contracts in support of the US ARMY, INSCOM, AFRL, SOCOM, DOE and NATO. DragoonITCN’s small business status offers best cost with low overhead management cost and limited layering in management structure.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Intelligence, Surveillance
and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Integrated Mission Systems (IMS)

Integrated Mission
Systems (IMS)

Sensor Systems and Technologies (SST)

Sensor Systems and
Technologies (SST)

Program Management (PM)

Program Management