DragoonITCN has successfully implemented a variety of systems worldwide. From legacy systems to state of the art systems, we are confident we can support your requirements. Our capabilities with sensor systems stems from vast exposure to ISR related EO/IR, SIGINT, FMV, RF data dissemination, and radar target acquisitions.

Aircraft Sensor Integration

Aircraft Sensor Integration C208 and RC-26B – AZ

EO/IR Sensors

  • Wescam
    • m-14
    • mx-15
    • mx-20
  • Flir
    • Star Safire
    • Talon
  • Aerial Still Shot Photography
    • Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Voice and Data

  • GMS Cobham
    • Receivers
    • Transmitters
      • Both Rx and Tx have live video downlink w/KLV Metadata capabilities
  • PRC-117 comm radios/ Icom radios
  • Flightcell iridium phone comms
Camera Bench Test

Camera Bench Test – VA


  • L Band/ S band/ C band/ Ku band/ UHF/

Video Recorders

  • Nanoflash
  • Pinacle


  • Combining EO/IR sensors, Antennas, RX, and TX to provide FMV downlinks


  • RF signal acquisition
  • RF signal Direction Finding (DF) Capabilities


  • MSR-20/ HISAR/ Lynx/Phoenix eye

R & D Testing and Evaluation

  • DragoonITCN has participated in small scale R&D testing and evaluation projects.
  • Software
    • RADS
  • Hardware
    • M-14 reconfiguration design

Training Development and Management

  • Lesson Plans
  • Student Handouts
  • Technical Manuals
  • Operator Checklists
  • Computer Based Training
  • Interactive Training Modules
  • Exercise Development