Northrop Grumman Corporation’s B-2 Division Integrated Systems and Aerostructures (ISA) Sector has used DragoonITCN’s C-TAC (Computer Tester Analyzer Controller) units in support of their software development since 1993.

In addition, DragoonITCN supplies BCITs for the B-2 Long Term Software Support Facility programs (LTSS).

The C-TAC Plus’s are used to support data collection and analysis from various pieces of B-2 equipment during software development, integration, and testing.

The U.S. Air Force/Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit is a strategic, long-range, multirole bomber. The B-2’s low observable characteristics make it the most survivable aircraft in the world, able to penetrate hostile air space without being detected.

B2 Spirit

B2 Spirit