Our BCIT Product is Department of Defense STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides) compliant for Windows 10. 


The New BCIT from DragoonITCN combines two essential test functions for MIL-STD-1553 embedded systems into one easy to use tool. It is a bus health monitoring and test tool, and a Time Domain Reflectometer tool, that can diagnose and locate cabling faults to within six inches.

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CMDS Tester™

The CMDS Tester is a Firing Pulse Interval Test Set by DragoonITCN. It is a suite of test components designed to analyze firing pulse timing from a Countermeasures Dispensing System such as the ALE‑40 and ALE-47.

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DragoonITCN is a Small Business offering Products and Services to DoD and FMS-Cases involving Aerospace programs. Dragoon ITCN is headquartered in Dayton, OH.  DragoonITCN was formed in 2013 when Dragoon Technologies, Inc. acquired ITCN Inc.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Wayne Rogers (Account Manager, Airborne Video Downlinks, Cobham Tactical Communications & Survellience)
From initial planning and installation and coordination with the facility, avionics staff, the pilot/aircraft and the cameraman as well as assistance before, during and after the demo event, support from the staff from Dragoon Technologies, was outstanding. Due to the well-coordinated assistance from Dragoon staff the demonstration event went exceedingly well. We appreciate the hard work and thank the Dragoon staff for the well received support for our event.

Dragoon ITCN, Computer System Designers, Dayton, OH